ICBC Coverage For Physiotherapy

ICBC provides coverage for physiotherapy treatments for drivers, passengers or pedestrians that have been injured in a motor vehicle accident (regardless of who is at fault). It is important to start physiotherapy as soon as possible to avoid future complications from your injury.

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Treated Conditions

  • At Prime Care Physiotherapy, we have the expertise to rehabilitate a wide range of car accident related injuries. Our goal is to make your rehabilitation fast, convenient, and comprehensive.
  • We bill ICBC directly for authorized treatments. We team up with your doctor and your adjuster to make sure you get all of the treatment you need.

Advantages of ICBC Coverage for Physiotherapy

We understand that dealing with insurance claims can be confusing and we can help you throughout the process.
We can bill ICBC directly for authorized treatments.
We team up with you, your doctor and your adjuster to make sure you get all of the treatment you need.

"I would highly recommend Parneet Sandhu as a Physiotherapist! She not only teaches you how to improve your problem area, but she makes sure you know how to do your exercises correctly." ★★★★

— SJ Vrecko

PrimeCare Physiotherapy review

During your first visit, the physiotherapist will complete a comprehensive assessment of your injury.

Your physiotherapist will educate you about your condition, advise you on when and how much to move, and develop a comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

Physiotherapy will help to settle your Motor Vehicle Accident symptoms as quickly as possible so that you can to return to your normal activities sooner.

Do you accept ICBC claims?

Yes, we accept ICBC claims at Prime Care Physiotherapy.

If you have approved coverage through ICBC, you are entitled to begin physiotherapy treatment immediately.

If you haven’t reported your claim to ICBC, call them at 604-520-8222 in the Lower Mainland, or at 1-800-910-4222 in the rest of BC to report a personal injury claim.

Can I come to your office if my doctor has referred me to another physiotherapist?

Yes, you can choose any office you prefer to receive your physiotherapy treatments. This means, you can decide to come to our office, or any other office you feel would be most appropriate for you.

How do I start a treatment?

You don’t need a doctor’s referral to start your physiotherapy treatment. However, we recommend you visit your doctor to examine your injury and consider investigations, treatment options and certification for work. Most insurance (including ICBC) require a doctors referral for the insurance coverage to kick in.

To commence your physiotherapy treatment, please bring

  • Your Care Card Number
  • ICBC claim number
  • ICBC adjustor name and phone number
  • Doctor’s referral (if you have one)

What are the most common injuries in motor vehicle accidents?

  • Whiplash:
    One of the most frequent injuries resulting from a motor vehicle accident is whiplash. Whiplash happens with forceful, rapid back-and-forth movement of the neck, like the cracking of a whip causing soft tissue injuries to the neck and upper back. Whiplash can occur whether you are involved in a low-speed or high-speed motor vehicle accident.
  • Back injuries:
    The impact from a motor vehicle accident can also lead to back injuries. The most common type of back injuries that people suffer from when in a motor vehicle accident are soft tissue injuries. These types of back injuries can be very painful and can become chronic, requiring years of therapy if not dealt with properly.
  • Head and Brain injuries:
    Head injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents can range from mild concussions to traumatic brain injuries. They affect one’s cognitive functioning and have a tremendous impact on a person’s life.

How do you deal with motor vehicle injury treatments?

Many people involved in motor vehicle accidents will suffer great amounts of pain, and may experience chronic problems for extended periods of time. Physical therapy is a valuable tool to help patients return to their everyday lives.

At Prime Care Physiotherapy, we will create an individual treatment plan for you to remediate your motor vehicle accident injury. Physiotherapy treatments may include acupuncture, stretching/strengthening exercises, manual therapies, spinal decompression, laser therapy, ultrasound and more to get you back to your normal activities as quickly as possible.

What about fees and coverage?

With injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, you are entitled to accident benefits whether you are at fault or not. In most cases, physiotherapy treatments are covered by ICBC, and your adjustor will let you know the details. You can also obtain more information on the ICBC website.

What is the ICBC user fee?

Prime Care Physiotherapy can bill a portion of the physiotherapy fee directly to ICBC using an electronic billing system. In addition, all physiotherapy clinics charge patients an ICBC user fee for post-Motor Vehicle Accident treatments. This user fee is set by the physiotherapy clinic.

Do I get ICBC user fees back?

Whether you can get reimbursed for the user fee depends on the liabilities of your claim and the specifics of your accident.

Normally, the user fees can be recouped from ICBC (when your claim is settled) or by your extended health insurance. Please contact your ICBC adjustor to clarify the reimbursement of your user fees for your specific ICBC claim.